About Us

The Nafpaktian Cultural Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) private foundation. Our membership is comprised of immigrants, descendants, and relatives from Sterea Ellas, Greece.

Our purpose is to:

1) Provide contributions to qualifying charities and organizations in Northeast Ohio.

2) Preserve the history and culture of Sterea Ellas, Greece including the religious practices, fine art, literature, culinary arts, apparel, and music of the region.

3) Educating others about the history and culture of Sterea Ellas, Greece.

4) Providing scholarships to qualified students in Northeast Ohio.

We are committed to helping and working with the local churches, organizations, and each other to help our communities. We have prouldly supported the local Greek Orthodox Churches, Cleveland Food Bank, Fallen Heroes, U.S.O. Alzheimer's Association and many more.

The Foundation sponsors many events throughout the year designed to bring all our families together. The events are fun and educational. They help us remember where we are from and enlighten the next generation of our heritage.